Poirier, Alexander receive NTL Soccer Sportsmanship Awards

Poirier, Alexander receive NTL Soccer Sportsmanship Awards

By: Ed Weaver | NTL Sports | April 22, 2019 | Photo courtesy Ed Weaver

Seniors Emma Poirier and Luna Alexander received the NTL Soccer Sportsmanship Awards from league official Tim May on Wednesday, April 17.

Each year the NTL Soccer Officials Chapter hands out "Sportsmanship" awards to the teams that exemplified tremendous sportsmanship throughout the season. The officials choose teams that exhibit sportsmanship not only to the officials but to fellow teammates, opponents, as well as to the sport itself.

The league officials also choose (vote) on senior individuals who demonstrated sportsmanship throughout the season. These individuals show sportsmanship towards opponents, teammates, fans and officials as well.

Wellsboro received the girls team award and North Penn-Liberty won the boys team award, while Poirier and Alexander joined Jenifer Schafer (Sayre), Dom Pettroco (Sayre), Wiley Tilley (Athens), and Joel Griffen (Galeton) as individual recipients.

The Lady Hornets also won the award in 2014 and 2017.

Alexander's season was cut short due to injury but recorded an assist against Williamson. Poirier was second on the team with 21 goals and lead the Lady Hornets with 17 assists. She also scored her 50th career goal against Williamson on October 8, 2018.

"It means a lot just to show that the officials voted for you," Poirier said. "It shows that everyone around notices your sportsmanship, not just other teams, but everyone."

"I think it shows that the work you put in on the field isn't just playing soccer it's the attitude you have toward the game, other players, and other coaches," said Alexander.

Head coach Scott Burrous echoed the comments by his seniors.

"It's a great honor because I try to teach more than soccer. I try to teach we're all human beings and we should love each other. We want to work hard and sometimes we need a little more mental toughness but we always played fair and hard and I love the idea. I was really excited when we got this, I won this a couple times when I was coaching at Galeton too and it's just a great recognition."

Athletic Director Matt Rendos shared Coach Burrous' thoughts.

"It means a lot because in the end it's not about the wins. Everyone wants to win but that's not what it's about. It's about how you conduct yourself on the field. With the girls team receiving this award, and two of our girls receiving individual sportsmanship awards, it's just a great feeling because we're conducting ourselves the proper way."

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