Davis to play basketball at Houghton College

Davis to play basketball at Houghton College

By: Ed Weaver | NTL Sports | January 29, 2017

Senior Janessa Davis announced that she will continue her basketball career following high school at Division III Houghton College on Friday, January 27.

"I'm really excited," Davis said. "Every time I've visited Houghton, I've been there a couple of times, and I'm always surprised how community authentic it is. Everyone is so kind and everyone treats you like a big community in a rural area, and I like what I've heard from teachers and professors that they are good with their academics and they are really hands on. I also feel that the coaches really care about their players and I really appreciate that."

Davis currently leads the Lady Hornets in assists (68) through 18 games, is fourth on the team in scoring (97 points, 21-for-36 from the foul line), third for steals (36) and rebounds (79). For her career, Davis has scored 172 points and has 119 assists, 81 steals, and 125 rebounds.

For head coach John Davis, seeing his daughter continue her basketball career is something he's very excited about.

"I'm very proud. It's good to see all the hard work she puts in pays off. I can't be more happier for her. She's going to go to a school she wanted to go to and get a chance to play college basketball."

Assistant coach Chelsie Martin also weighed in.

"She's extremely coachable. She's very hard-working and very dedicated with what she does."

WellsboroAthletics.com and WellsboroBasketball.com would like to congratulate Janessa on her announcement and wish her the best of luck this season and in her college career.

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